The shareholders, the directors and particularly the management of SAMGRADE, are committed to the principle that “There can hardly be an efficient and profitable operation without safe operation”.

The management is therefore determined not to spare any means/ material in pursuit of the highest standards of safety at work in all categories of responsibilities in this company. This is the only way of achieving the company’s fundamental business objective of maintaining adequate protection of human and adequate resources for productive total loss
control (TLC).

The details of this safety policy are provided in the company’s safety manual issued to every SAMGRADE employee. Responsibility, authority, and a systematic accountability have been carefully outlined for all levels of management and operation. Each employee is required to study the safety handbook and comply accordingly. Each employee holds himself/ herself to blame for any overlook or infraction of guidelines and instructions of the handbook.

Safety function is considered as equally important and crucial as any other management function of the company. Consequently “The voice of the safety department is that of the management” and the safety position in the organogram has been appropriately fixed to enable the safety department to carry out its duties with minimal difficulty.

“My unsafe action may destroy my life or my employment: my unsafe work practices can harm my company and my nation’s economy. Let this always be our guiding philosophy in our joint venture to build a permanent and profitable organization.


In-line with SAMGRADE commitment to a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace for employees, and persons associated with its business, the company designed and has in operation an effective drug and alcohol policy.

Knowing that substance abuse is illegal and the inappropriate use of legitimate drugs and alcohol can impair employee’s ability to perform optimally and safely thereby constituting danger to persons, environment, assets, and reputation, the sale or distribution of illicit or prescribed drugs on company business areas or premises is strictly prohibited and the consequence is termination of employment or contract. Also, the use, possession, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages and other illegal intoxicants on company premises and company controlled areas without prior consent by relevant top management is prohibited. It should be noted that though this policy expressly refers to alcohol and drugs, it also caters for all other forms of substance abuse; use of inhalants inclusive.

SAMGRADE recognizes drug and alcohol reliance as a treatable condition, and therefore encourages and advises employees who suspect they are reliant on drugs and alcohol to promptly seek advice and directive from the relevant company authority, and our health care program. Adherence to this would result in the award of necessary emoluments and gains from our compensation schemes.

Discrimination, and or termination of employees due to request for assistance from relevant company authority
to overcome drug, alcohol, and or substance abuse are not practiced in SAMGRADE. However, an employee with a history (past or present) of drug, alcohol, and or substance abuse may be disallowed from working in certain positions regarded by top authority as critical to guaranteeing the safety of persons, environment, asset, and reputation of the company. All prospective employees must submit themselves to, and pass a drug test. Failure to comply attracts immediate disqualification of such person.

Lastly, it is mandatory for contractors, and subcontractors to comply in totality with this policy, as we would also abide by relevant policies in instances we act as contractor.


SAMGRADE ENERGY RESOURCES LTD is a company incorporated in Nigeria as a downstream petroleum products marketer.The company was incorporated on 9th of October 2016 as a limited liability company with, registration number 1368294. TIN: 20156259-0001


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